We Can Help

Yes, we are here to help you with many aspects of savoring the Southwest life.  We wear many hats! 


Yes, we are homesteaders and we do many things –  gardening, raising chickens, keeping bees, harvesting crops and animal products,using those fruits of our labor in a savory way, and heading out to forage sustainably from the bountiful Southwest region around us.

About Our Writers

We have three main folks writing for this site plus occasional guest writers.

Both Jacqueline and Monica offer presentations, classes and more. Plus Monica does humane bee removals, and sells honey. Scroll down the page for button links to more about each of us.


Jacqueline Soule is a trained Botanist, Ethnobotanist, and award winning garden writer. She forages, cooks, and preserves food for her family.



Monica M. King is a third generation bee keeper, plus a homesteader, and a pottery restoration specialist.

Uncle Smokey

“Uncle Smokey” is our grilling, smoking, bbq expert. When asked what to share about him – his answer is that he doesn’t like to do dishes.

We have a number of “helpers.” around our places. Some are more helpful than others….

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