As the song says – “We all need someone we can lean on.”
In these pages we will post about resources, both people and products, we believe you can rely on.

We welcome your kindly worded feedback, positive or otherwise, so we can better serve you!

Some things are too detailed for a simple blog post – so we offer classes.  Here’s a chance to be resourceful and learn useful homesteading skills – like making your own herbal lotion.

Gardening or using the products of the desert and landscape around us – come on over to the Savor the Southwest Facebook page for short posts (almost) every day.  We are also on Instagram if you prefer that. And for the folks that like videos, we are starting our YouTube channel.

Our Newsletter is a Resource

Be sure to sign up for our Savor the Southwest newsletter and get the latest information about course offerings and more as we unroll them. 

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