At Savor the Southwest our full motto is:

Food – Forage – Fun.   Appreciating, nurturing, and using the products of the Southwest in a safe and sustainable fashion.

We forage and harvest in a sustainable fashion and encourage you do the same.

Let’s Be Safe Out There

Note that your food safety is important to us. When it comes to foraging, many Southwest plants have very specific steps to follow to insure health. When it comes to food preparation, there are also some safety precautions. We aren’t “Nervous Nellies,” but this is a litigious society we live in now so we try to post the safe way to do everything and stand by the disclaimer posted at the bottom of this page.

Agarita berries. Always be positive with your ID when you are out foraging! It’s a Forage post – not a safety post – so no links to it on this page.

Some foods or food additives come with phobias, urban myths, and otherwise poor information. We check and check again. When we can – we try to provide you with the latest scientific research. We try to eat healthily and safely, and we want you to as well.

And Safe in the Store

Over time we are adding to our articles on foods and food additives that may be of concern to our readers (salt, GMO’s, and more) and the links to them are below.

For More Safety Information

We offer many safety tips both here – on this website – and on our YouTube Channel.  The links to the ones on our site are in blue.  The links to our YouTube are in red – because that is “their” color, not because they are dangerous or anything like that!  (It is not about political affiliations either!)

Forage Safety

Harvest Mesquite Safely – on our site

Food Safety

Spice Safety – on our YouTube

And Even More Information . . .

We will share links to our safety information in our free weekly newsletter, and on our Savor the Southwest Facebook page, and maybe on Instagram as well.  From time to time we may even do videos on our YouTube channel!  Newsletter sign up is at the bottom of almost every page – because we hate annoying pop-ups.


The authors on this website have researched the edibility of the materials we discuss.  However, humans vary in their ability to tolerate different foods, drinks, and herbs. Individuals consuming flowers, plants, animals, or derivatives mentioned on this site do so entirely at their own risk. The authors on this site cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction. In case of doubt please consult your medical practitioner.

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