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There is so much to homesteading, but most of all it starts with a frame of mind.  You can live in an 800 square foot apartment in New York City and have the right frame of mind!

Homesteading is about living as sustainably as you can.  If you live out of an urban area you will need to gain and hone a number of skills for this sustainability.


Here at Savor the Southwest we strive to help people of all experience levels take steps towards happier, healthier, and more holistic lives with a natural and thoughtful approach to a safer and more effective way of living.

We Can Help You Homesteading

We can help you with gardening, raising chickens, keeping bees, harvesting crops and animal products, using those fruits of your labor in a savory way, and heading out to forage sustainably from the bountiful Southwest region around us.

In short – all there is about doing things around the homestead – be it ole’ or new, remote or urban, with a fortune or barely struggling along – like we said, if it is about homesteading, it will appear under this heading.

Homesteading Topics

We offer many homesteading tips both here – on this website – and on our YouTube Channel.

The links to the ones on our site are in blue.  The links to our YouTube are in red – because that is “their” color, not because they are dangerous or anything like that!  (Not political affiliations either!)

Enamelware – fixing chips Part I

Floor Cleaner – safe – easy, inexpensive!

Herbs – Drying – some tips and tricks to do this safely

Some Life Hacks

Kitchen Tools – work smart not hard


Bees Need Water – a simple passive system

Beeswax – introduction with a “traditional type melter”

Beeswax – beeswax melting experimental set up

Bee Hive Care – cleaning a top bar hive


Thanks for reading!

The Savor Team

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