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We are a diverse group of individuals and we write about all manner of ways to savor the products of the Southwest.

Our corner of this Earth from outer space. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Savor the Southwest

At Savor the Southwest our full motto is:

Food – Forage – Fun. Appreciating, nurturing, and using the products of the Southwest in a sustainable fashion.

We forage and harvest in a sustainable fashion and encourage you do the same.We have a number of topics and writers – more under our “About Us” page – but here are the Cliff Notes:

Would like to have chickens or a hive of bees making honey for you? Savorist Monica King writes about it, reviews books, has some YouTube videos, and offers live classes.

To learn more about growing plants to feed your livestock or yourself – Savorist Jacqueline Soule has got you covered here and on Gardening With Soule. Her motto is “helping you succeed with your desert gardening goals.”

Like to cook with fire?  Savorist Uncle Smokey has got you covered!  He uses a gas grill, a charchol grill, a wood grill, a camp fire, cast iron Dutch oven, and an old-fashioned wood smoker.  He is also our resident “meat-itarian,” and shares many tasty meat dishes. savor-southwest-lotion

Some things are too detailed for a simple blog post – so we offer classes.  Here’s a chance to learn useful homesteading skills – like making your own herbal lotion.

Books & Products

We offer books and products that we write or make ourselves.

Book is now for sale via a super secure third party site.
We are working to get this out-of-print book available. It will be signed by the author!









Social Media

Food you grow and harvest, or foraging and using the products of the desert and landscape around us – come on over to the Savor the Southwest Facebook page for short posts (almost) every day. 

We are on Instagram.  That’s where we tend to post what is up in kitchen and yare – right now.

For the folks that like videos, we have a ton over on our YouTube channel.

Be sure to sign up for our Savor the Southwest newsletter (below) and get the latest information about course offerings and more as we unroll them. 

Do you want to teach classes yourself? 

Jacqueline says – “I tried two class sites and almost gave up. Third time WAS the charm! I am so glad I found NewZenler! They make everything easy with simple to follow videos explaining every step of the way.  Best of all – they are there if you need them with a responsive tech support. But wait – there’s more! They offer numerous fantastic “Bootcamps” and “Challenges” where you can get started on the different components of building a course, or marketing it – or learning to make YouTube videos!”

Here’s a link to check them out: NewZenler  

If starting a class site all on your own seems too daunting – please Contact Us, and Jacqueline will talk to you about possibly offering a starter class on our site.  We like to help people succeed with their goals.

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The authors of this website have researched the edibility of the materials we discuss.  However, humans vary in their ability to tolerate different foods, drinks, and herbs. Individuals consuming flowers, plants, animals, or derivatives mentioned on this site do so entirely at their own risk. The authors on this site cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction. In case of doubt please consult your medical practitioner.