Monica M. King is a third generation bee-keeper living off-grid in Southern AZ.

She is busy! Monica is on the Board of the Southern Arizona Beekeepers (SAZBA), is very active in bee swarm removal and hive relocation across southern Arizona.  We have a page about safe bee relocation under “Resources.”

Monica also keeps chickens, restores pottery, and so much more – including she is in the process of creating a museum out in the Altar Valley!

The Kings have an orchard, vegetable garden, a yard of chickens, and other domestic creatures, and thus Monica offers many handy tips for homesteaders.

Monica teaching a class of newbie beekeepers,

With no hard-wired source of electricity, her family eats a great deal of fresh seasonal foods, plus they often preserve the bounty for later enjoyment. This makes for some delightful meals.

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