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savor-the-southwest-guest-jan-emmingJan Emming

Jan Emming usually writes about plants but his post (rant) about toilet brushes (30 August 2023) offers and interesting look at our germaphobic society.  The “Cactusman” lives in the midst of the desert at “Forever Ranch and Gardens,” outside Yucca Arizona.  He raises cacti, other succulents, and unusual desert plants.  He sells seed, plants, and travels to interesting places where unique plants grow. This is his website.

Ann McCormick

ann-mccormick-herb'n-cowgirlGuest post by Ann McCormick, the Herb’n Cowgirl, is about how to make your own Masala Chai tea bend.

Ann lives in Texas and has been writing about wonderful ways to use herbs since before there was an internet.  I used to avidy collect her articles out of various herb gardening magazines.  And when I lived in Texas, I used to love watching her on PBS.

Ann has a wonderful style and a very pragmatic way of writing.

James Rancourt

James leaning on a 1956 Buick Special.

Guest post by James Rancourt is about Canning Your Food. He says “I want to calm some fears and hopefully encourage those who have trepidation about pressure canning, and canning in general.”  James has been canning and eating canned food most of his life.

James Rancourt is now retired and lives in Massachusetts.


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