Summer Treats

Hot this summer!

Summer Vacation?

Reminder that we here at Savor the Southwest have lots of great content out there in the world, like some great recipes on both our own YouTube channel and on this website at the same time.

There is a wealth of food and other resources to be found in our region, starting with our own backyards!  You don’t have to be a homesteader, nor own acres of land. We share ways to harvest and prepare both native and introduced products.  Here is a sampling of recipes you can enjoy this season – minimal turning on the stove in this heat too!

Summer Blossoms


Stuffed Squash Blossoms – on this site

Stuffed Edible Flowers – on our YouTube

Easy Mayonnaise for Summer


Mayonnaise – on our YouTube

Other Summer Posts

Amaranth – forage/use on this site

Mesquite Beans – quick gf muffin – on this site

Mesquite Beans – gf muffin – on this site

Forage Mesquite Beans Safely – on this site

Palo Verde Beans – forage – on our YouTube

Poreleaf  (a flavorful herb) – forage/use – on this site

Rose Petals forage/use – on this site

Enjoy the season! Please feel free to post positive comments, or your own recipe refinements.  You can post them on this site (way down) below or on our GROUP Facebook page.

Here’s The Cookbook!

savor-honey-bookMay we suggest our dandy little cookbook?   Using Honey in New and Savory Ways offers 36 pages of tips for using honey in your cooking, as well as in all manner of dishes. A steal at only $6!

We hope you will help support some local Southwest folks!
From the review:
“Honey is for more than desserts and this book can help! Using honey in cooking savory dishes helps engage all your taste buds and adds a layer of added flavor to everyday dishes – plus holiday fare.”

Beekeeper?  We offer volume discounts – because if you sell honey in local markets you might want to offer some of these books as well.

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