One Minute Mesquite Muffin

No, this post is not about snarfing down a mesquite muffin in a minute. It is about making a muffin that bakes in one minute! Providing you have a microwave.

One Minute Muffin

Uncle Smokey worked for many years with a wonderful man who, along with his wife, fostered a number of children. Feeding large hungry hordes of small children – a number of them with food allergies – and getting them off to school in the morning was a challenge for this couple until they discovered the original recipe for this “One Minute Muffin,” or OMM. The family joke was that their morning manta was not “om” but rather “OMM.”


Uncle Smokey shared the recipe with me, and I promptly started experimenting with different gluten-free flours, starting (of course) with mesquite. This is my favorite:

One Minute Mesquite Muffin

1/8 cup mesquite flour
1/8 cup flax seed meal
1/2 teaspoon alum-free baking powder
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon oil – choice (olive oil, butter, coconut oil)
1 egg
optional: 1 tablespoon sweetening (honey, molasses, sugar)

Honey or molasses taste nice in this recipe – but are generally not needed with naturally sweet mesquite flour.

Use a microwave safe mug or pyrex measuring cup, sprayed with cooking spray.
Mix the dry ingredients.
Add the wet ones.
Stir well.
Microwave for 1 minute.
Remove from the cooking dish right away.


Quadruple This!

I find it much easier to quadruple this recipe and cook it in a loaf pan* for a loaf OMM cake. Its easy to cut this into chunks you can wrap in a paper towel and grab to munch as you drive off on daily tasks. Or, you can fancy it up and take to a pot luck as a dessert offering.

* make sure this is a glass loaf pan – not a metal one.

A handful of toasted barrel cactus seeds gives this OMM a crunchy aspect – much like a lemon poppyseed muffin.

Quadruple the Ingredients – Not the Time!

In a loaf pan, this cooks for less time than quadruple time. Depends on your microwave of course, but generally 3½ minutes.


OMM Shared Widely

For many years we have partnered with the Desert Legume Program (DELEP) at the Tucson Festival of Books. We are over in the Science City section of the Festival in “The Science of Food” tent.

Back in the pre-Covid years, we made the OMM loaf cakes and shared samples with the public. We purposefully did not add any sweetening for those because we wanted people to taste how sweet mesquite can be on its own. We handed out the recipe posted here (over 1000 copies per year). Hopefully many people are now making this quick and easy desert dessert – or breakfast using mesquie and other gluten-free flours.

Mesquite flour is naturally sweet.

In 2022 we could not share food at Science City, but Savorist Monica King was there, educating the public about how honey bees love desert legumes, and Savorist Jacqueline Soule was there, sharing how desert legumes can feed people, and handing out even more copies of this recipe.

More about the Desert Legume Program on their official U of A site.
Friends of DELEP on Facebook

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