Mango Salsa / Chutney

Mango? Yep – mangoes, and lemons, and peppers oh my. What to do with the produce this week from Borderlands Produce Rescue?

Try Our Mango Chutney

With the mangoes and lemon we are making this tasty chutney-like salsa that goes well as a sauce on virtually anything. It makes plain rice or other grains a tasty treat and can be slathered over chicken before baking or even barbecue. It makes a tasty, slightly spicy barbecue sauce, and imparts a nice crisp to the chicken due to the brown sugar.  Chutney is somewhat thick and jam-like, so for a bbq sauce you will need to thin it somewhat.


Mango Salsa / Chutney

Solid Portion

6 firm mangoes
1 cup raisins – or – can substitute chopped dried plums
1 large onion – coarsely chopped into 1 cup total

Syrup Portion

2 medium lemons
1 1 /2 cups cider vinegar
2 cups dark brown sugar
1 clove garlic – minced
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons fresh grated ginger root – or – 1 tablespoon powdered
3 chili de arbol whole – or – 1 teaspoon pepper flakes



Peel lemons, removing as much pith as possible. Separate into sections and chop coarsely.

Place lemon in (4 quart) saucepan. Add vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, salt, ginger, and chili.

Bring to boil. Then reduce heat to low and simmer for 1 /2 hour – be sure to cover at this point.

Peel mango and slice thinly. Prepare onion. Chop raisins if they are large.


Add mango, onion, and raisins to the syrup and simmer – stirring occasionally – until fruit is tender and mixture thickened somewhat.

At this point you remove the chili de arbol, or leave them in for canning.

Canning the Chutney

At this point your salsa/chutney is ready for hot pack and immediate processing. Makes 3 pints. Boiling water canned for 10 minutes at sea level (adjust for altitude).

Store in refrigerator if not canned.

Other substitutions include dried papaya or even pineapple instead of some of the mango.  This chutney will be thick and somewhat jam-like, as seen in this picture.

The Rest of the Story

The first time I (Jacqueline) tasted anything like this was along the eastern coast of Mexico. It was called “Salsa de Mango” and smothered over the fish caught that day. The fish was a boney something but the sauce made the bites delightful despite the bones. I later discovered a jar of chutney in an India Food store that tasted remarkably similar.

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We respect your privacy and will not share our list. CA law says we have to tell you -You can unsubscribe at any time.

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